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This is a small software to clean USB drives. Removes malicious scripts created by virus or malware, unhides folder and files, deletes all shortcut from selected drive. Also disables autorun completely and provides option to enable registry, folder options and task manager. See the complete feature list.

Download v2.0.0 [30th Dec 2014]

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Help & Support

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Feature List
- Unhides files and folders on disks and USB flash drives after a virus attach
- One click removal of malware - Removes Malicious Scripts such as vba,vbs,vbe,ini,thumbs.db,Autorun.inf
- Removes all .exe file if needed.
- Removes all shortcuts created from a virus attack
- Option to Disables Autorun completely to prevent future virus/malware attacks (Requires Administrative Priviledge)
- Option to Enable registry if "disabled by Administrator" message appears
- Option to Enable Folder Option if its hidden.
- Option to Enable Task Manager if it is disabled.

Rinzler V1.0 review on Softpedia: http://www.softpedia.com/get/Security/Security-Related/Rinzler.shtml

Abou the author

Hello, my name is Sayem Chaklader, I am a student of Computer Science at IUB, one of the authors of the popular Open Source Hard Disk defragmenter known as Ultra Defrag. Ex MSP lead. What I enjoy is working on Open Source Platforms in order to engage myself in the Movement in Search of a philosophy.


A day at the CSC LAB

  • I was in charge of CSC LAB at IUB (cse.iub.edu.bd), and took game development workshops. One fine morning I found out that each and every computer (140 of them) became infected with a virus regardless of having a good commercial antivirus installed on each station. It was new and definition was not available yet. Moreover the news became horror when I realized who ever had contact with these machines took those viruses home and it spread to everyone like wild fire.
  • Learned a couple of cmd things to take care of it manually. But one had to be able to use cmd to do it. Therefore in request of friends, the tool was built that would take the effort away. The system still needs cleaning with a good antivirus and with this tool the information can be re-attained. The software is named after a character from TRON.


  • Q: There is a black screen when I select "Unhide All Files and Folder" but nothig happens.
  • Ans: The command line is working on unhiding the drive selected. It takes about 5 minutes to do on a USB 2.0 drive 16 GB using a core-i7 computer running windows 8. So be patient and let it work, if its working you should see constant LED blinking on your USB flash drive. Also make sure your drive is not write protected and your computer is virus free.
  • Q: It says "permission denied" and nothing happens
  • Ans: The tool requires you to have administrative privilege over the drive, try running it as administrator.

  • Q: When I want to "Disable Autorun Completely" this window appears, is this harmful?
  • Ans: No. What Rinzler does is simply edit the registry to disable the autorun. It can also be done manually: http://www.askvg.com/how-to-disable-autorun-functionality-in-windows-using-registry-editor/ , the software simply does that automatically.
  • This also requires administrative priviledge to write the registry.
  • Q: It says this message when I run regedit. Can Rinzler Fix this.
  • Ans: Yes, but make sure you are logged in as Administrator. Run Rinzler and "Enable Registry Editor" Button. Done.
The tool has been rewritten in C++. So its all good. Chill.
Make sure you have disinfected your computer otherwise if you unhide the folder, the virus would re-hide them almost instantly. It would not be of much use.

Author and Support
Sayem Chaklader | gearspec at gmail dot com
For troubleshooting, feature request and bugs : http://sourceforge.net/p/rinzler/discussion/?source=navbar
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Version 2.0 | Rinzler
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Rework--Re-Written in C++ from C#
Open Source is freedom.